To inspire the bid we reached out to the city we want to change forever. Below you can see hundreds of citizens from all walks of life explain what Europe means to them, bringing together our voices to show a real commitment to our city’s European Capital of Culture bid.

I love to travel and I love to travel in Europe. There are so many places to explore, and you can nip away for the weekend. Hazel Martin, reporter

100% of my holidays in the last 5 years have been to a destination in Europe. Also I love the Eurovision Song Contest! – Kirstin Moll, Communications Co-ordinator

8% of Abertay students are from other parts of Europe, creating a diverse student community. Jackie McKenzie, Director of External and Corporate Relations

few hours by train or plane means guaranteed sunshine, or a city break to suit everyone’s taste, or mountains for skiing or climbing holidays. Kaye Gallacher, PA

filmmakers exchange to Europe early in my career broadened my cultural horizons. Ed Broughton, Bonnie Brae Productions

fusion of history, language, culture and the arts. I feel lucky to be able to immerse my children in different cultures. Louise Daglish, Teacher

global connection of security and trades, a link to diversity and open migration. Emma Mills, student

long-standing love of rural France, its people and culture, as well as its weather. Ian Lamb. Deputy Lieutenant, Angus, and Dundee Ambassador

melting pot of culture and creativity. I think Dundee reflects that ethos in the city. Meghan McCormack, Magazine Journalist

month long school exchange trip to Madrid when I was 15 sparked a lifelong passion for Spain and all things Spanish. Jane Richardson, Entrepreneurial Scotland

A sense of belonging to a place. One is no longer alone in the middle of the planet, but part of a major group whom cares for you. Heather Doughty, Student

A sense of belonging, a mix of cultures, ethnicities, languages and religions. Aneesah Javed, Teacher

A sense of ownership over European values such as freedom and equality and preserving those values. Damyan Pushtiev, Student

A variety of cultures, languages and nationalities supporting each other to build a better future. Nicole Cuthbert, Student

After 1,000 miles of shared company along Europe's ancient pilgrimage routes, the bond with fellow Europeans is deep. Nancy Nicolson, Farming Editor

After just a short hop new cultures, languages, experiences, and friends are waiting to be discovered. Kieran Andrews, Politics and Investigations reporter

After visiting various European cities I love the different cultures and the warmth of the people making me feel at home. Rebecca Kidd, The Attic

All the little thinks doted around the house brought back from holidays including the garden sink brought back from France, all happy memories. Neil Cooney

Amazing beach holidays and city breaks in the sun. And not forgetting the adventures of watching my beloved United! Lee Harrow, Communications Officer

An a opportunity filled with adventure and unexplored future prospects. Ramon Camilleri Mortimer, Student

Architecture sun sea heat for us Scots with arthritis. Politicians making deals for therselves not us normal working people. Joan Salmond, Classroom Assistant

As Principal of a University home to staff and students from across Europe, I love the diversity this brings.

As a Dundee United fan, some of my greatest memories are of European nights. - Roddy Isles, Head of Corporate Communications.

As a Lochee lass I am well aware of Dundee’s rich international heritage, including the contribution of Irish jute workers. Bernadette Malone, Perth & Kinross Council

As a PhD studentwho collaborates with European institutions- the strong partnership forged between researchers is profound. Harry Eggo, PhD Student

As a United fan, Europe’s given me a good quiz team advantage on how to spell footballing fortresses, such as Myllykoski and Wrocław. Richard Watt, Reporter

As a doctor working in Ninewells hospital, I work closely with many European doctors and appreciate the integral part they play in our NHS. Dr Michelle Harrison

As a hill farmer the price I receive for the Scotch beef and Scotch lamb I rear is influenced by the demand for our produce in Europe. Joyce Campbell, Hill Famer

As an ERASMUS alumni, Europe is my former home and a place with many friends and even more memories. Trician Fox, Managing Director, Volpa

As an ex serviceman I have visited many countries within Europe and learned what made them great. Frank Proctor, Postman

As secretary of the European Blackcurrant Association we met annually in places throughout Europe and have become like family. Julie Husband, East Adamston Farm

As the owners of its thriving port, we applaud these commendable efforts to highlight Dundee’s position as a truly European city. Charles Hammond CEO Forth Ports

At the Malmaison a lot of our clients are international corporate business people from all over Europe. Steven Grierson, Brasserie Supervisor, Malmaison

At university I have made friends with wonderful people from all over Europe. Rachel Brandie, Student

At university I made friends from all over Europe. I’ve just moved to Dundee and get the same friendship from the people. Jacky Boland, Magazine Journalist

Baguettes and summer village fetes is what I loved while living in France for 28 years. Retired and happy to be back in Dundee. Joan Robb

Being European means being a good citizen and an important part of a historic, diverse and culturally rich continent of over 700 million citizens.Gary Langlands

Being a Brit who grew up in Belgium, Europe represents people of various national identities living together in peace. Laurie Dunn, Masters student

Being a European citizen allows us the freedom to live work and retire anywhere in Europe. Sarah,Louise Parnell

Being able to take regular trips to beautiful places rich in culture and heritage in a matter of hours. Italy is where my heart is. Skye Gaffney, Graduate

Being in Europe gives us greater opportunities for business trade with cheaper goods & services as well as freedom of travel. Ewan Mitchell, Auditor

Being part of Europe means we can have greater resources and make a positive change to the world together. Anna Bernas, Customer Sales Executive.

Being part of Europe, Scotland is aware of other cultures. It has its own identity and it's important to hold on to that. Alastair Fairweather, security worker

Being part of a larger scale where the opportunity to work, rest & play is ample & full of diversity and culture. Jennie Rutherford, student nurse

Being part of a wider community, having a lot in common which we would lose if we left. Hassle-free travel in Europe. Ewan MacGowan, Postman

Being part of something bigger, where a government or company is limited by a larger organisation that looks out for all its members. Craig Tongue, IT consultant

Born in Germany, I came to the UK to study in the 80s and loved it so much I decided to return and work in Scotland. Thomas Veit, Director of External Relations

Born in Switzerland, brought up in France by Scottish parents and higher education at St. Andrews University. I'm European! Susanne Lumsden. Landscape Gardener

Brexit was the wrong move, however Scotland is still there. We could go back and be a part of Europe with an independence vote. Dennis Kirk, Driver

Bruges, Prague, Rome, the Dordogne, Cyprus, Gran Canaria, Dusseldorf – all glorious places I’ve visited, all with kind, wonderful people. Sarah Proctor, Sub-editor

Business links leading to friendships, from Finland to Turkey, as part of the Mobile Phone industry. Colin Loveday, President, Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce

Cheese is my link to Europe! I love a brie - the French are no nonsense, they build a good barricade and make a good cheese! - Trevor Gordon, Visitor Assistant.

City-breaks to Poland offer an insight into the country’s history, strength of character and friendliness of its people. MarkMacKay, Senior Reporter.

Close friends and a network of collaborators, ideas and creative possibilities in art, science and society. Robbie Thomson, artist

Community and inclusiveness, the potential for freedom of movement and cross pollination of different cultures. John Parkin, Admin

Contact with Europe, from France to Greece, is important. We have been blending language and commerce since the 14th century. Douglas Dredge, retired teacher

Countries, cities, culture, people.We work well together. A couple of holidays with the baby is a great start to family memories. Jennifer Nelson, Hairdresser

Discovering parts of Europe as a professional athlete is a pleasure, and even better if I’m winning a competition while I’m there! Eve Muirhead, Olympic curler

Dundee and Europe share strong links through history. The war memorials across the city commemorate those lost from Dundee. Gavin Duncan, history teacher

Dundee brings together people from all over Scotland and Europe, with a common goal of education. I'm proud to be part of that. - Bethan Hallgarth, student.

Dundee deserves to be put on the European map. We have people coming to the city from all over. Helen Allardice, Housekeeper

Dundee has a long history of trading with the Baltic's and as a global bank operating in 15 European countries with headquarters in Stockholm. Vic Bicocchi, Manager

Dundee has a rich history of culture and becoming the European Capital of Culture will only add to our proud heritage. Shona Robison, MSP for Dundee City East

Dundee has always looked out to the river rather than inland, as do I . I believe that many of my ideas are matched to what I see in Europe. – Eddie Small, lecturer.

Dundee has great cultural, academic, scientific and industrial links with Europe. Our city has been enriched by those connections. Jenny Marra, MSP

Dundee has the friendliest, most welcoming culture I have experienced outside of the US. Jason Schvach, international student at Dundee University

Dundee is a terrific hub into Europe, I have worked in France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Holland. Bill McDonald, management consultant

Dundee is a very friendly and welcoming place and should be visited regularly by people from across Europe. Barbara Neill, Accountant

Dundee is becoming a vibrant, cultural city and deserves recognition for the hard work that has been put into the regeneration. Tracy Priestley, Bus Driver

Dundee is cool, eclectic and affable; just like her people. That's why I will always see Dundee as being a European City. Lynne Short, Councillor

Dundee marmalade wouldn’t exist if a ship carrying Seville oranges hadn’t sheltered in the city during a storm. The link still exists. Graham Huband, Business Editor.

Dundee mini Make-Off engages with makers, artists and designers and at our recent event we showcased creations from locl and European artists. Dundee Mini Make-Off

Dundee represents a magnificent variety of culture - historical, commercial, transport and residential – truly a European Capital of Culture. John Cameron, farmer

Dundee's Twinning with the German city of Wurzburg, the French city of Orleans, close friends in several countries. Neil Powrie, former city councillor

Dundee’s European connections have helped make us the city that we are today and they will be crucial to our ongoing success. Joe FitzPatrick MSP, Dundee City West.

Dundee’s cultural connections to Europe are important as it allows me to follow my passion in Karate by competing in European countries. Oliver Bruce, Kanzen Karate

Dundonians have always enjoyed great links with other European cities, like Orleans and Wurtzburg. Fiona Brown, Lead Product Manager

During the summer months I wear my link with Europe on my feet; I have 16 pairs of Menorcan sandles, pies felices! Catriona MacInnes, assistant editor. (2)

E.U citizens have right to study & work across the E.U, this is a right I'd like to see Scots keep. James Irvine Pryce

Europe allows me to explore different cultures and gives me opportunities to work abroad in the future and develop new skills. Haroon Hussain, Student

Europe for me is the prospect of a last minute adventure across a kaleidoscope of cultures while barely feeling like you’re leaving home. Gareth McPherson, journalist

Europe for me, is a union of ideas and a talent exchange providing a cultural gateway to innovation and imagination. Maria Welch, Head of Publishing, DC Thomson

Europe has the best street art. Holly Barcas Buchan, student.

Europe is Mozart, wolf howl at midnight on a Norwegian mountain top, red Burgundy, Icelandic aurora and Scotland; Scotland is Europe too. Jim Crumley, nature writer

Europe is a commitment to an international community, an ambition to work together towards shared goals. Rob Currie, Student

Europe is a place where so many of us have enjoyed holidays, experienced different cultures and amazing history. Rosemary Moncur, care worker

Europe is a shared story of culture, beauty and history. Some of my happiest memories are of Italian rooftops shimmering in afternoon heat. Mike Donachie journalist

Europe is a wonderfully diverse collection of places which all have better weather than us. Sally Rodger, Assistant Editor

Europe is a young person’s adventure and an older person’s escape; both of which are new to each! Paul Creegan, Videographer

Europe is an adventure! Studying architecture at the University of Dundee I visited Poland and the Netherlands. Peter

Europe is being part of something bigger than just our city and country. This is something I can't wait to share with my son. Carol O'Rourke. Teacher

Europe is better than the UK at offering amusements for families and the weather’s better! Gael, Abigael and Blair Lindsay.

Europe is diverse, unique, nice, dynamic, energetic and exciting; it has offered me lots of opportunities for friendships, and personal development Stefan Tomov

Europe is everywhere in my life - from my love of pasta, to my Ukranian family, to my Greek best friend, to my Roald Dahl obsession. - Rebecca Baird, student.

Europe is full of beautiful cities, food, beer and wine. What's not to love about Europe Dave McCann, videographer.

Europe is important to me because it allows me to travel to so many countries experiencing new cultures and opportunities. Sarah Connet, Societies Officer, EUSA

Europe is my first choice holiday destination , there is so much to see, so many diverse places and cultures. Emma Forbes, environmental consultant

Europe is my first port of call when it comes to holidays. I feel so lucky to have so many amazing places a short distance away. Rebecca Shearer, Sub-editor.

Europe is on our doorstop but I've not visited it enough. I need to explore the great cities and wilderness more. Arthur Moncur, computer programmer

Europe is our gateway to exotic holidays, delicious European cuisine, creative art, competitive sports and international culture. Laura Gibson HR Assistant

Europe is the place I go on holidays as it is a short flight and people generally speak our language. Donna Thomson, Admin Officer

Europe is very varied. We went to Bruges in January, but it was freezing cold, we loved Malta and Hamburg is next on our list. Brian Perrie, station master

Europe is where my love for sarcastic British humour meets my love for Italian charm. Priyanka Mogul, freelance journalist

Europe means a welcome break from the grind of domestic football and a chance to sample and enjoy the taste of different cultures and cities. Jim Spence, journalist

Europe means amazing memories, having travelled for work or pleasure, and it also means exciting future adventures with my wife and kids. Craig Smith, chief reporter

Europe means building upon shared values to achieve integration not disintegration. Cllr Craig Duncan

Europe means diversity and culture to me as variety is the spice of life. Dylan Byrne, Team Leader for The Four Partner Solutions

Europe means interesting cultures, a fascinating history, people working together and some of the greatest architecture… much like Dundee really. Liam Kerr MSP

Europe means opportunity and endless possibilities for my business. Myles Riley, Sales Manager

Europe means opportunity and learning, beautiful culture and history, new languages and friends, adventure and sunshine. Amy Heywood, gap year traveller

Europe means possibilities and a community which is wider than the country you call home. Sarah Atherton, Public Affairs Officer

Europe means potential, possibilities and the opportunity for each of us to become who we want to be. Kleio Pethainou, Supervisor at National Galleries of Scotland

Europe means price increases in my business for me due to the instability in the markets and uncertainty over Brexit. Ross Greig, Senior Account Manager.

Europe means sharing what we are and learning what we can become; the Capital of Culture is a magnificent accelerant to this. Ellis Watson, Exec Chair For Publishing.

Europe means to me art, literature, wine, food, belonging to a community of nations, freedom of thought, politics of the possible. David Monteith.

Europe means to me travelling, history, good food, good bars and good times. Love the south of France for the Grand Prix at Monaco! Jamie Scott, Owner of Tonic Bar

Europe opened the way for me in business; I want the same for the next generations. Eugene Clarke Owner, Public Speaking Scotland.

Europe should be proud to have Dundee! Its education facilities attract students from all over Europe. Alison Stewart, HR Consultant

Europe symbolises what can be achieved when differences are set aside. Security and prosperity for all through cooperation, not competition.Councillor Ben Lawrie.

Europe to me has always been a land of wonder and opportunity. It’s somehow even greater than the sum of its multifarious parts. Robin McKelvie, Travel Writer

Europe to me is a holiday destination. It’s on our doorstep, it’s easy to travel there. Anita Bona

Europe to me is a hot Rome day, a little Greek island you've never heard of and a football game on a cold Scottish November. John Quinn tour guide

Europe to me means amazing cities, architecture, different cultures, fantastic food and drink and wonderful people. Alan Wilson, freelance journalist

Europe to me means community, shared values, health and safety legislation, education, economic power, growth and development Dawn Getliffe, medical student

Europe to me means sitting in the sun in a street-side café with a cold beer and watching the world go by. Bliss. Keith Broomfield, company director

Europe to me means something bigger and better than Scotland alone. Andrew Scott, Writer and Lecturer

Europe will forever be defined by the riff from The Final Countdown. If Dundee adopts this as its official campaign anthem,success is guaranteed. Paul Whitelaw

Europe's presence and influence are universal. The idea of voluntarily cutting oneself off from that would feel like cutting off an arm. Donald Canavan, architect

Europe, home to my daughter and my sister, will remain my favourite holiday destination and part of my own personal identity. Jean Lee

Europe, and Europeans, makes my life more culturally diverse and interesting. It will be a shame to stop being part of this. Alan Campbell, Engineer

Europe, and especially France, are important to us. On our visit to friends we have been made very welcome. Margaret Dredge, retired teacher

Europe, for me, is about broadening horizons. A smorgasbord of cultures which is a joy to dip your toe in now and again. Ross MacCallum,Night Editor

Europe, steeped in a shared history, an integral part of our past, present and future. Derek Black Consumer Data Manager

Europe, to me, represents an interconnectivity of numerous nations, cities and people. Luke Macdonald, Graduate

European city breaks gave me some of my best memories and naming my daughter Esmée means I’ll forever have a French Connection. Graeme Strachan, Reporter

European clients grasp how animation can help sell their science. One of our most successful customers is based in Marseilles. Mhairi Towler, Director

European fashion is great - I like to be chic! - Miss Doig, Visitor Assistant.

European influence can be seen throughout my life - Italian in my food, Danish in my silversmithing and Erasmus in my youth work. - David White, student.

Family friends who live in the beautiful city of Carcassone, France. Sharon Methven, Events Manager, DC Thomson

Family holidays in Brittany;children went to the boulangerie to buy baguettes. Awful local wine, wonderful beach. Joan Yeaman, retired

Family, friends, neighbours, Polish relatives, summer holidays, culture, Dundee University field trips, Dundee United dreams and hope. Michael Alexander, Journalist

Fantastic beer in Prague. The beaches of the Canaries. Our French farmhouse complete with owl in attic. Happy days. Catriona Grainger, Midwife

Fantastic opportunities to learn about cultures that are similar to mine but from another perspective. Morgan Connelly, Student

Federico Fellini; Old Paphos; La Tranche Sur Mer; De Laakens Camping; Halldor Laxness; Fridolph's Kondotori, Gstad; Rembrandt. Andrew Murray Scott, Author

For me Europe is mostly about holidays but I’m very much a culture vulture so love that aspect. David McLean, railway Station worker

For me, Europe means hope. My wife is Latvian and we all need to work together. Andrew Logie

France and the French language are my passions but at one time or another I have travelled in every European country and I love them all. Grace Nimmo, retired Teacher

French designer Christian Dior revolutionised fashion. I had behind-the-scenes access to this legendary brand when I worked for them. JenniePatterson, PR

French wine, German opera, Czech beer, Viennese waltzes, Belgian chocolate, tapas from Catalan, Milanese style, who doesn't love Europe. Bill Dower, Press Officer.

Frequent accessible weekends in vibrant exciting cities with enduring lifelong friendships. Jean Stewart

Frequent visitor to The Netherlands to visit my sister and her family. Stacey Clark, Manager

From Barcelona to Cannes, we are continually travelling throughout Europe to maintain and enhance our profile in the European legal marketplace. Deborah Miller, Partn

From learning French at primary school to hearing how my German friends celebrate Christmas, being European has enriched my life. Lynda Holton, Office Manager

From the relationships DCA has across the continent to my family in Germany, France and Austria, I consider myself European. Beth Bate, D

From tourism to rigs, the port supports jobs and welcomes cruise visitors from both the UK and Europe to the city. David Webster Port Manager Dundee

German father, Irish mother, French wife, European children Europe is my identity. Professor Karl Leydecker, University of Dundee

Going abroad to Italy to meet up with my half cousins and enjoying the country. Rhiannon Proctor, Student

Good being part of Europe, but the EU is deeply flawed and more or less run by the Franco-German alliance. Nicky Cullen, Offshore Worker

Great opportunities to travel. The downside is (the EU has) too much control over Scotland and the UK. Donna Copland, BT Acquisitions

Growing up in rural Scotland in the 1980s there was barely a road improvement project that wasn't funded by the European Union. PR Officer

Having a short and hassle free trip to visit my best friend in Dublin. Sometimes we just surprise each other with a random visit. Colette McDiarmid, Policy Officer

Having lived in France as a student, Europe has given me opportunities to travel and learn about language, culture and friendship. Aileen Robertson, Reporter.

Having studied both French and German at St Andrews University, I feel a strong bond with our European neighbours. Head of Community.

Having worked in the Botanic Gardens, I've met people from many different European countries who come to Dundee to experience our culture. - Maddie Bayley, student.

Helsinki and Dundee both share the same vision to use creativity in creating a better and more livable city. Laura Aalto, Development Director, Helsinki Marketing

Here in Dundee the auld alliance is alive and well today, through a great partnership of local people and a significant French business! Donald Mackenzie, Michelin

Historical, social and economic links which have stood us well so far. Ajaz Hussain, Lawyer &Teacher

Holiday adventures whilst visiting my European friends who once studied and worked in Dundee and have returned home with Dundee imprinted on their hearts. Diane Milne

Holidays abroad in the sun, experiencing the different cultures, food, drink and customs that each country has to offer. Lorrayne Holt, Circulation Executive

Holidays abroad in the sun, meeting different people, experiencing the different cultures, food and. Kim Dickson, Events Manager

Holidays in Emilia-Romagna district of Italy visiting family and friends and enjoying the culture, weather, food and vino rosso. Roland Proctor, Graphic Artist

Holidays to France as a child stand out in my memories and feel nostalgic. Richie Wallace, Sales Manager

Holidays to France, Erasmus exchange in Italy and trips to European cities. Lindsey Alexander, Parliamentary Assistant

Holidays, home, birthplace, different countries, beautiful places, exploring, friends, family, freedom, stronger together. Natalia Sadowska, Duty Manager

Hope and possibilities. Being part of the EU provides broader horizons, better trade links, and freedom of movement. Emily Lawson, Digital Channels Manager

How pasta should taste and the Italians who visited Dundee, took photos by the bridge and found out how pasta should never taste. Danny Wallace, Comedian

I travelled throughout Europe selling Artificial Grass yarns . And I have visited our Twin cities of Wurzburg and Orleans. Alastair Scott, Retired

I LOVE pizza! - Emma MacLellan, student.

I am European and where education barriers limited me here the open borders of Europe gave real education and opportunity. Graham Duncan, amateur film-maker

I am a big fan of Europe and have always forged close links with the continent – not least as my wife is French! Dave Lord, Assistant Editor (news), The Courier

I am an European citizen, originally from France and now proudly working and living in Dundee, Scotland.Claire Dufour, Programmes Producer.

I am an international figure skater and student from Vienna currently working as an intern and training at the Dundee Ice Arena. Nina Wolfslast

I am from Jersey, visiting Dundee for a conference for work. Steven Arthur, Ecologist

I am from Latvia with Russian and Ukrainian parents. We came to Dundee seven years ago to be safe and fell in love with the city. Karina Formanicka.

I am from Spain and have being living in Dundee for two years, working and studying. Ruben Martinez, Student

I am going to Amsterdam soon and have also been on other Euro holidays such as Italy. May Massie, retired teacher.

I am just back from holiday in Amsterdam. I have also been to Mejorca and France this year. Kirsty Mooney, Primary School Teacher

I am raising my three year old son in the spirit of European culture, diversity and tolerance. Cassie Malicka, Administrator Employment Engagement

I arrived in the UK quite a few years ago from Naples. I only planned to stay for a few weeks but ended up staying for years. I love it here Ciro Sarracino, Waiter

I called Tenerife my home for 2 years and had a ball, I love Europe. Nic Hutchison, Marketing Executive

I came here from Poland eight years ago to study and have now graduated and started a family. Alicja Klek, housewife

I could spend all day in IKEA but I'd need a moving van to get home! - Courteney Inglis, student.

I deal with a lot of visitors coming from Europe. Often, I am their first point of contact. I also enjoy holidays in Venice. Mark Bennett, Taxi Driver

I decided I’d work in culture when I visited Siena at 19 – a great small city where the past is alive all around you. Fiona Robertson, Perth & Kinross Council

I did ERASMUS at uni and went to the Republic of Ireland. I would move back there in a second! - Hannah Thomas, Visitor Assistant.

I did an EU student exchange scheme which instilled in me a sense of adventure and a love of travel. Gayle Ritchie, Features Writer

I don’t have a problem with anyone who wishes to travel from another country and settle here. Scots have done it for centuries. Mrs Haxton, Retired

I enjoy being able to travel freely throughout Europe. I have worked in Italy and love making lifelong friends from all parts of Europe. Harriet Clark-Justice.

I enjoy going to Italy and Tenerife occasionally. Wilma Sutherland, Retired

I enjoy going to golfing event throughout Europe such as the upcoming Ryder Cup in Paris next year. I also have Polish heritage. Greig Preston, Sales Assistant

I enjoy holidays in Europe. I love experiencing different cultures but always happy to be back home in Dundee. Terri Thorburn, Circulation Executive

I enjoy visiting the continent every year. I have visited every country in the west and have yet to visit the east. Henry Scott, retired

I go on holiday to Spain or Greece once a year. Europe is also important for exports in my work. Gavin Riddell, Scaffolder

I go on holiday to places like France, Portugal, Spain and Italy once or twice a year. Sarah Barham, Work Coach

I go to Greece on holiday, for the sunshine! - John Stille, Cladder

I go to Malta on holiday, as well as the Algarve or Majorca. Old Town Majorca is my favourite - right on the Mediterranean. - William Lament, Technician Gardener

I go to Spain for my holidays, I love the weather! - Lewis Sellars, General Gardener.

I had my honeymoon in Portugal it was amazing! I do like traveling in Europe as the flight never takes too long. Samantha Hutchison, Pharmacy Dispenser.

I have Polsih friends I used to play football with. They were fun to be around and liked to get things done. Kieren Thow, Sales Assistant

I have a holiday apartment in Costa Blanca, Spain, and I love it. Jeni McCabe, Director and senior consultant

I have a lot of business connections in Denmark and Austria for exchange trading. David Munro, Entrepreneur

I have a lot of friends from Germany, Spain, France and Portugal. Claire Grey, Student

I have actually sung Norwegian Wood in a Norwegian wood. Simon Marks, Sub-editor

I have always enjoyed the sunshine whenever I have travelled in Europe as we don't seem to get a lot in Scotland. Kieran Morison, Sign maker

I have been to different places in Europe for holiday. Jaber Abubaker, Student

I have family in Amsterdam and Paris who I have been to see a few times. Maria Ahmad, Property Office Worker

I have family in Gibraltar. I love Europe and try to go out there as often as I can. Shibs Reilly

I have family in Lanzarote and I’ve been to countries like France, Spain, Italy and Belgium for my holidays. Paul White, Student

I have family in Paris, Italy, and Spain, plus numerous cousins dotted all over Europe. I love to visit whenever possible. Dan Scottow, graphic artist

I have fond memories of Spain; Puerto Mogan is where my fiancé proposed to me on the beach. Sarah Cullen. Cashier TSB

I have friends across Europe and enjoy my travels keeping in touch! Struan Nimmo, Assistant Editor (production), The Courier.

I have friends and family in France and go on holiday there two to three times a year. Susan Duff, School Inspector

I have friends in Italy, Germany, Belgium and Greece. Sonia Proctor

I have friends in Sweden that I speak to all the time. One of them recently visited me here and they loved Dundee. Laura Mackenzie, Sales Assistant

I have good friends in Denmark, France and Germany so mainland Europe means a great deal to me socially and culturally. David Litteljohn, Head of Tay Cities Deal.

I have links to Italy, having travelled to the Amalfi Coast, Rome and Florence. It was while visiting Italy that my love for coffeedeveloped. Paul Reoch, reporter

I have literally driven through 5 countries with total ease. I love Europe. Jenny Bell, physiotherapist

I have mixed business and pleasure across Europe through the years and enjoy the diversity of culture, sights, sounds and flavours. Derek Gerrard, Managing Director

I have only really been to Paris, it’s beautiful and everything a European city should be. Babafemi Smith, student

I have relatives in Dublin and friends in Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Spain. Tim Kelly, Dean, School of Education and Social Work, Dundee Uni.

I have travelled Europe to see family, Nick Cave and the Pope although not at all the same time, interesting as that might have been. Stefan Morkis, chief reporter

I have travelled throughout Europe and seen how the Scottish identity fits into those different cultures. Alexander Stewart MSP

I holiday in Greece, and at college I did a four-week placement in Portugal, which was really nice! - June Caird, PA to the Dean of Humanities at Dundee University.

I holiday in Latvia every year – my ex-flatmate lives there now and we like to keep in touch. – Cara Longmuir, Media Relations Officer.

I hope this bid sees money invested in Dundee’s lower-income communities, to promote arts to a more diverse mix of people. Adrianne Webster, Magazine Journalist

I just came back from travelling; the fiddler from my old band was getting married in Bulgaria, which is where his wife is from. - Robbie Miller, student.

I lead a boutique international consultancy and working in Europe is vital to my business. I'm also proud to be European. Joe Lafferty, founder Lifetree, chair of DCA

I like Europe because I can experience different cultures, languages and lifestyles such as those of Denmark, Finland and Estonia. Rachel Reed, Student

I like European food - anything that's not British! Mediterranean food is my favoruite. - Hayley Phillips, Personal Banker.

I like the south of France. Budapest is the best scenic nightlife I’ve seen – it’s very pretty at night. – Xiang, dentistry student.

I like to visit other countries for their cultures. We always embrace other people as it makes Scotland an interesting place to be. Alan Young, Retired

I like touring Europe, particularly France, Germany, Greece and the Czech Republic. It's a beautiful place. - Jonathan Rose, Freelancer.

I lived and worked in Logroño Spain for La Riojan Presidents Audiovisual Unit which was a fantastic experience. Jamie Buchan, Optician

I lived in Antwerp, Belgium for six years and although born in Dundee and now back living here I consider myself European! Iain McArthur, Business Consultant

I lived in Dusseldorf, Germany for two years whilst studying at an International School. Maria Harper, student

I lived in Genoa and am struck by the similarities with Dundee - stunning waterfront, rebuilding after industrial decline and fruit-filled cakes. Steve Bell, Editor

I lived in Germany for 12 years with my military family and what could have broken us only made us stronger.Sean Brown, Spar

I lived in Italy and in Turkey. Italy was my favourite, because of the food and culture, but Turkish people are lovely. – Katie Jowett, Media Relations Officer.

I look to Europe for the latest fashions, particularly Zara in Spain and Chanel in France. Jennifer Burdge, nurse practitioner

I looked out my dog’s passport for a vet’s appointment. She’s a German shorthaired pointer, rescued from Spain, so a proper European. Morag Lindsay, Features Editor

I love Amsterdam - I go once or twice a year, whenever I can. The culture is so relaxed. - Daniel Burns, Labourer

I love Europe and I have great memories of Italy after taking a gondola ride in Venice in 2015. Robin Beattie, solicitor

I love Europe and I think the European Union is important for the younger generation. Ed Feeney, Support Worker

I love Europe because my family was split by the Berlin Wall less than 30 years ago and now I can move freely to 27 countries. Timo Liebethal, graduate.

I love Europe! I have many memories of fab holidays with plans for more in the future. Kristina Stephen, Marketing Executive

I love Europe. I have friends that live all over, and I love all the languages, cuisines and cultures. – Alexandria Scott, Sports Union President

I love France - being connected to the people who invented cinema is huge! Cinema is my job so I'd be lost without the French. - Benji Bateman, documentary filmmaker.

I love Italian and Spanish food, especially when I get to visit those countries and try the dishes authentically. - Emily Fletcher, student.

I love Italian food, especially cannelloni! – Laura Murray, Marketing and Communications Officer.

I love Italian food, no doubt. - Danielle Dixon, Sales Assistant.

I love all the different cultures, fashions and traditions. I love trying all different cultural cuisines. Kirsty Black Clerical Assistant

I love everything about travel and holidays to hit countries! I love the sun, the food and learning about different European cultures. Ronnie Cox

I love going to Italy. It has a very rich culture. I also have a friend in Spain who I have visited a few times. Angelina May, Sales Assistant

I love my trips to France experiencing the different culture, architecture, scenery and their history. Kate Stephen, Nurse

I love that Europe is just on our doorstep for holidays, visiting family, getting food inspiration and even working there recently. Sheila McConachie.

I love that our city attracts people from all over Europe and making us a great cultural city! Lynsey McArthur, HR Operations Advisor.

I love the diversity. Italian opera, German sausages, French croissants, Spanish shoes. Liz Buchan, Retired teacher

I love the lively, vibrant mix of languages and cultures. It reminds us to celebrate diversity in all its richness. Wendy Jordan Music and Media Specialist

I love the rich history of Europe. You can visit anywhere in Europe and find centuries of culture, monuments and architecture. Rebecca Arnold, Tax professional

I love to flaneuse in Amsterdam - its bookshops, canals and people are so wonderful. - Peggy Hughes, Manager of Literary Dundee.

I love to travel and Europe has always been good to me. It means sun, time to switch off and relax. Ben Greer, Managing Director at Thrive

I love to visit for the sunshine, the culture, the food, but most of all for the friendly welcome extended by all these countries. Karen Byrom, Fiction Editor

I love travelling to Europe and enjoy the cuisine of many countries, in particular Spanish and Italian which I try to recreate. Brian Stormont sub editor

I mostly go to holiday in Europe in places like the Canary Islands or I go to Portugal. John Reilly, Postman

I mostly have holidays in Europe in places like Spain and Portugal. Mable Cairns, Customer Services

I own a property in Gorzow Wlkp Poland. My cousin lives in Holland and my favourite European destinations recently visited are Rome and Nice. Karin Johnston

I proposed to my wife in Paris and we honeymooned in Greece. Europe is where my family have had some unforgettable experiences. John Alexander, Dundee Council Leader

I really enjoy watching the Eurovision Song Content, as I love being able to experience the diversity of European cultures all at once. - Taylor Petrie, student.

I recently had the opportunity to perform a short play in Amsterdam. It was the best experience of my life. India Fonda, Actor

I spend a lot of time in Holland and enjoy holidays in Gran Canaria. Fiona Thompson, Dental Nurse

I spent 10 years working in Central & Eastern Europe - hugely worthwhile experience for me and I hope I helped those I worked with. Bill Bowman MSP

I spent nearly 10 years of my life in Europe where I made many friends whose friendship is greatly valued. Major Ronnie Proctor Provost of Angus

I stayed in Dundee to do my masters degree in European Politics, while working and holidaying across Europe. Gregor Murray, Convener of Children and Families Service

I studied at Prague University of Economics through the Erasmus scheme which hugely broadened my horizons. Matthew Burdge, business development manager

I studied in Leiden University for six months as part of an Erasmus program. April Gillespie, Student

I study British Romanticism, which is a very European movement -it was about connections between people and not national borders. - Dr James Morris, Lecturer.

I study with many Norwegian people and have friends in Norway who I’ve been to visit. Leanne Traynor, Student

I take Barr's Iron Bru to France to trap wasps. Love' La difference' between the component countries. Bruce Buchan, retired.

I teach some European students. I like hearing what they've done in their hometowns over summer. Different cultures are interesting. - Robert Mcgregor, Technician.

I think Europe is nice. We should have more things in Dundee. I want to see Dundee on a par with Edinburgh and Glasgow. Chris McIntosh, Carer

I took a trip to three European cities - taking the hydrofoil down the Danube from Vienna to Budapest was once in a lifetime! - Kristen Segerius, Visitor Assistant.

I trained as a Reflex Zone Therapist in Konigsfeld, Germany, and it goes without saying how it has changed my life. Joan Taylor maternity care therapist

I travel quite a lot in Europe. I just got back from Prague. I love talking to local people and finding out about their cultures. - Heather Smith, student.

I travelled to Norway and Sweden on a Triumph Bonneville, I’d like to return but not on a motorbike and not camping. Peter Adamson, golf course starter

I used to have a house in the south of France and the area holds a special place in my heart. I loved the views of the Pyrenees. Margaret Bond, retired

I used to work for DC Thomson and I travelled to Europe a lot then – my favourite place was definitely Bologna. – Peter Clark, Retired.

I voted to leave the EU but that doesn’t make any difference to how European I feel. There were things that needed to change. Doug Christie, Student

I walked across Europe twice and travelled the continent for a month. These trips made me who I am today. Dominic Younger, media relations officer, University of Dund

I walked across Europe twice and travelled the continent for a month. These trips made me who I am today. Dominic Younger, media relations officer, University

I want to show the European lift manufacturers the amazing Dundee buildings we’re installing their lifts in. Andrew Renwick, Managing Director of Caltech Lifts.

I was born in Ukraine but have been studying and working in Dundee for 10 years. Andrey Grinev, Student

I was in love with a European boy - had some awesome adventures with him. In the end it didn't work but I still love the world he showed me. - James Russell, student.

I was lucky enough to spend time in Florence after winning an arts study prize. Beautiful light, people and buildings. Clare Brennan, Lecturer and Curator

I went to Paris a few years ago, and I found the antique jewellery shops with original Dior and Cartier pieces really amazing. - Katrina Hall, Manager, Goldsmiths.

I went to Paris with my school which helped me to improve my French. Matthew Tolan, Craigie High School Pupil

I went to Tenerife last year and I loved the duty free goods and I would definitely go back. Pammy Langskill, Shop Assistant at Home & Kitchen

I will be going inter-railing at the end of the month. I have friends from Germany and have been on holiday to Italy, France and Spain. Katheryne Morrison, Student

I work between Dundee and Lisbon, as an editorial consultant at the Portuguese Journal of Social Science. Stewart Lloyd-Jones, Editorial Consultant

I work guiding cyclists through the mountain regions of Europe. It's the friendliness of the people that makes Europe special. Scot Tares, Columnist.

I worked alongside a lot of Europeans as a bartender, and I find the thrill of working together links us. - Alastair Letch, student.

I worked and lived in Holland in my early 20s. I didn’t need a visa and appreciated the global outlook that came from being part of Europe. Chris Law, MP

I worked and studied in Rome for nine years and was a spiritual Director in the Pontifical Scots College. Bishop Stephen Robson, RC Bishop of Dunkeld.

I worked in Africa for a Belgian shipping company and was the Belgian Honorary Consul in the Sudan. Bruce Currie, retired Belgian Honorary Con

I worked in Basel, France and Germany so am familiar with an international viewpoint and see it in Dundee businesses. Dr Billy Grierson, Owner Perth Innovation Ltd

I worked in France as an English teacher for two years and have many European friends. Elizabeth Hodgson, Student

I worked in Ibiza and traveled many of times. I have family in Geneva, Spain & France, but our hearts will always have a place for Dundee. Carrie Shannon, Director

I youth-hostelled around Europe in my 20s – seeing the cities and meeting the people of Europe changed my outlook of the world. Andy Jackson, medical librarian

I'll have to be old fashioned and say my favourite band is ABBA, so there's a strong tie to Europe there. - Alison Scott

I'm Dutch and Scottish so Europe is very important to me - so important that I've got both countries permanently inked on my skin! - Emily Dewar, student.

I'm French, and teach languages at Dundee University. I'm a bit distraught by Brexit, I have to say! - Brigitte Edelston, Senior Lecturer.

I'm Greek and I study in Dundee. I believe in a lot of European values - equal human rights, respect for diversity and freedom of speech. - Eleni Evangeliou, student.

I'm a quarter Italian and I love to travel. I've been all over Europe and I reckon if Dundee won the bid, the bonds between countries could be stronger. Mike Soave

I'm an online gamer and have a lot of friends who live in Sweden and Denmark. We all met up in Franfurt recently, which was great. - Arran Donald, sales advisor.

I'm fortunate to have friends from different countries in Europe who have shown me diverse cultures and, most importantly, incredible food! Rose Cassidy, teacher

I'm half German, half British, but 100% European. - Dory Ash, student.

I'm looking to be working as an energy broker in Spain within the next two-three years. Miles Riley, Manager

I'm lucky to have worked with fellow Europeans like Olivier Grossetete who built The People's Tower, Claire Dow, Senior Events OfficerDundee City Council

I'm off to Fuerteventura in a fortnight with friends for food, drinks and sun! It's so easy to travel across Europe and I love it. Kevin Reilly, web designer

I'm originally from Bulgaria, but I've lived in Dundee most of my life. It's great getting to go back for free holidays, though! - Mila Georgieva, sales consultant.

I'm proud to represent a part of Scotland that's home to a wide range of European nationalities and celebrate what they bring to the community. Graeme Dey, MSP

I'm studying German at uni and I'm thinking about going to Germany after I graduate to get stuck into the language. - Nicole Harrison, customer assistant.

I've been going to Rotterdam for the past five years for a music festival and it's good to be aware of other cultures and to be inspired by them. Robyn Stewart, teach

I've been learning the German language for about 10 years now and through it I've learned so much about German lifestyle and culture. - Stephanie Smith, student.

I've got Italian family so I've always felt a really strong connection to Italy. - Catriona Leslie, student.

I've got quite a few European friends living here at the moment that I'm close to, so that's my biggest link. - Ewan Arthur, Visitor Assistant.

I've performed bagpipes all over Europe and learned to celebrate diversity and respect differences. Stuart Cassells, General Manager, Famous Grouse Experience

I've travelled round a lot of European countries. Unity is important across all countries but diversity is also to be celebrated .Graham Davidson, Primark Manager

I've worked with many Europeans, they're amazing fun, very interesting and I love them being in Dundee. Chris Martin, Chris Martin, CEO of Waracle

In 1994, Hawkhill Harriers got to the final of the European Road Race Championships in Porto; we didn't win but had a great time! Matt Strachan, ThorntonsInvestments

In Barcelona recently the hotel receptionist was so enthusiastic about coming to Dundee. Europe are talking about us now. Ally Bally, Broadcaster

In September of 2016 I went to Portugal and learned about their culture. Dean Kinmond, BuisinessmanSinger

In winter I work in the French Alps for a ski school. We have a Burns Supper with the locals! Sarah Michie, Ski Instructor

Insights Learning and Development was born in Scotland and we have operations in 25 European countries. Andy Lothian, Chief Executive

It gave me a possibility to study abroad, discover and dedicate to my biggest passion, theatre costume. Pat Jastrzebska, costume designer

It has given me good friends who have all made Dundee their home, even if none of us can agree on which country makes the best ham! Alex Corlett, Features Editor.

It is the visceral thrill of being trackside at the greatest challenge in world motorsport, the Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race. Graham Brown, Chief Reporter.

It means leisurely lunches in the sun, soaking up the atmosphere. It’s a place of vibrant colour, it's interesting and diverse. Lisa Summerhayes

It would be nice to have stronger links with our European neighbours. The more cultures the merrier! Wendy Fraser, Cake Guru owner

It's a community of different cultures and ideas that come together as one. A place where you can meet new friends and create wonderful experiences. Aswad Choudhry

It's fascinating to learn about different cultures in Europe and the bond between us can only grow stronger if Dundee wins the bid. Robert Ballantyne, lead driller

It's good to have close connections with Europe. There's so much variety to be enjoyed in different products. Phillip Taylor, former bus driver

It's important to be part of Europe, I'm not a fan of Brexit. My husband and I run a clothing business and we sell all over Europe. Rachel Roper, businesswoman

Italian food is my favourite - we were in Rome over Christmas and we're heading to Naples this year. And she loves the ice cream! - Richard Wallace.

It’s Europe’s turn to discover our cultural gems. Alan Morrison.

It’s amazing how easily you can travel and how many cultures you can experience. Marius Bytautas and Vasare Gritenaite, honeymooners and novice buskers

I’m European and Scottish - my mum came here from Germany. Borders are lines drawn by politicians - we are all the same. Petra McMillan, Marie Curie patron

I’m French, but my girlfriend is studying here so I’m back and forth. I don’t know the UK very well, but it seems almost European. – Theo, psychology student

I’m Polish and I was overwhelmed with the hospitality and kindness I experienced from Dundonians and how welcome they made me feel. Aggie Salt, solicitor, Thorntons

I’m almost 84 so the glories of Florence and Venice are now out of my reach but I remember them with affection. Frances Headley, Retired

I’m from Bulgaria and came here for work. I’ve been here for a year although I do miss my family. Hristinka Hristova, waitress

I’m from Romania and have been in Dundee for three years, working as a delivery driver for Domino’s. Life is better here. Alex Lacob

I’m half Spanish, so I have connections to Europe that way. I’m entitled to a Spanish passport if I ever want one. Anna Hernandez, Nursery Nurse

I’m in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards based at Leuchars. I’ve travelled all over the world and was based in Germany for years. Matthew McCullough, Soldier

I’m looking into volunteering abroad in Europe next year. I’m especially interested in programmes that empower women. – Adel Andrews, student.

I’m quite keen for Versace! – Alex Jack, student.

I’m studying Spanish and German, so I’m planning to be an au pair in Spain – next summer, hopefully. – Chloe Mccallum, student.

I’ve a good pal in Denmark, and I’ve even been to Holland (twice!), these places being dear to me and, like Dundee, really quite nice. Rab McNeil, Journalist

I’ve always strongly seen myself as a proud tri-national I’m Scottish, British and European. Sarah-Jane Crawford, Magazine Journalist

I’ve been all over Europe, some places were very interesting. Dundee’s products once went all over the world. Doug Petrie, Electrician

I’ve both studied and worked on the continent, so Europe has always represented new opportunities in my life. Gillian Lawie, Foremr trainee at European Parliament

I’ve connections with people in business all across Europe. I am proud to call many Europeans my friend! Alison Henderson CEO, Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce

I’ve enjoyed holidays in Europe. I have friends and colleagues from the continent. I particularly enjoy Spanish culture. Hamzah Hussain, Student

I’ve just come back from preaching in Benidorm – didn’t think much of it as it was too noisy. It's important to maintain links with Europe. Tommy Archibald Preacher

I’ve seen the weird and wonderful side of Europe through a TV lens. Fiona Armstrong, columnist

I’ve travelled across Europe and retired in Andalucia in southern Spain. Ralph Barnett, former journalist

I’ve travelled most of Europe and I like how accessible it is from the UK. I’m from Canada but have lived in Scotland for 18 years. Sabrina, Pilates Teacher

Just the general feeling of being European links me to Europe - but I'll never say no to Italian food! - Gary Paton, Print Media Coordinator.

Learning Spanish has meant I enjoy visiting the continent and speaking with the locals. I enjoy learning about other cultures too. Lisa Hunter, Sub-editor

Living in an interconnected world in which we work together to tackle problems like climate change that we cannot face alone. Mariam Mahmood, Scottish Lib Dems

Lots of my friends that I met abroad are spread around Europe in places like Sweden, Romania and the Netherlands. - Catherine Wallis, graduate.

Love the variety of Europe and enjoyed time in Holland, France and Prague. Travel always broadens the mind and is good for the soul. Derek Mawhinney , Roofer

Martin & Co Dundee offer rental accommodation to European businessmen and students who comes to Dundee. Nora Rojas Sinclair, Director

Maybe Dundee fringes Europe's tapestry, which in turn weaves our city into the world. Beth McDonough, Poet

Memories of sun, holidays, playing cards on sunny balconies and laughing. Music, dancing and being together is what Europe's about. Jenna Pirie, social care worker

Most of my friends are from Europe, and some of the best conversations we've had are learning about each other's cultures. - Jonathan Cochrane, student.

Most of my summer holidays have been spent travelling Europe - I've always loved revisiting Florence and Rome. - Rebecca Brown, student.

Much of my time touring with Snow Patrol was spent in Europe which I’ve grown love for its cultural variety. Tom Simpson, Musician and Artist.

Much of my work involves advising clients on European agricultural support rules - often interpreted more strictly by the Scottish Government. Hamish Lean, Solicitor

Murray Taylor acts for clients who trade in Europe to grow their business. Graham Parker, Manager Murray Taylor.

My Dad is Italian and although he has lived in Dundee since he was 8, we still have lots of family in Italy who we visit regularly. Angela Vettraino, Dundee resident

My Daddy told me that Mickey Mouse sometimes lives in France (Disneyland Paris) so I’d like to visit him there – that would be awesome. Lily Reoch, age 3

My Great Grandfather came to Dundee to make a better quality of life for his family; I love Dundee and my Italian heritage, Giulio Dora

My brother had a house in the south of France and it was nice to travel there to visit. Having connections to Europe feels quite liberating. Helen McLaughlin, retired

My car's German, and it's a great wee car! - Derri Russell, Sales Assistant.

My childhood hero is a titan of European popular culture and the adventures of Tintin are still a favourite today. Richard Burdge, chief reporter Perth.

My clients are European, my wife is European and my kids are European. Jamie Kerr, immigration partner at Thorntons

My close family have lived and studied in Europe and I love holidays there. UK culture is very much influenced by Europe. Rachel mcConachie, Deputy Production Editor

My connection to Europe is I am from Transylvania, but currently my home is the bonnie town of Arbroath. Hunor Deak , student

My daughter au paired in Madrid for a summer and we’ve since become friends and visited the family she lived with. Yvonne McKenzie, Magazine Journalist

My daughter liked Swiss cheese but didn't like the holes in it, so we told her to eat around them. Bill Buchan, IT consultant

My daughter works for the European Commission in Brussels so she’s always travelling back and forth. Margaret McBride, Retired

My employers are Spanish owned and I’ve been to Italy a few times. Bilal Hussain, Student

My family and I holiday frequently in Europe and love the countries we visit and of course the culture of each place. Derek Wann, Councillor

My family live in bydgoszcz poland and the love coming to visit us in Dundee and St Andrews.Marta Droszkowska Raynor bar manager keys bar St (1)

My family lives in Italy for about 6 month of the year. I also enjoy going on holiday to Belgium and for football. Dylan Byrne, Salesman

My father is Polish and we try to go there every few months. There is a lot of culture in Dundee which isn’t promoted so hopefully this helps. Marysia O'Sullivan

My favourite foods are all from Europe French Brie, Spanish tapas and anything Italian, in fact I would move to Italy just for the food. Alison McIntosh, Teacher

My favourite thing about Europe is Italy - the food, the cities and the people. - Scott Baird.

My first memory of Europe is driving to Majorca in a Hillman Minx, leading to an ongoing love affair with the continent. Bette Smith, Relationship and Centre Manager

My girlfriend's Swedish, so my life is linked to Europe in a big way through her. - Danny Longworth, Sales Assistant.

My grandfather was from Krakow, Poland and Dundee welcomed him with open arms. I’m proud to be from these two countries. Daniel Mejka, Graduate

My grandmother is Dutch and my brother lives in France, in a little chalet high up in the Alps. Suzanne Scott. Artist

My grandparents were from Italy and Frankie’s dad was from Poland. Amanda Kopel, Frank's Law campaign

My granny is from Donegal and we're going there this summer for our holidays. Katherine Dow, age 9

My great grandad is Belgian, and for his birthday we always order a big box of Belgian choclates and each have one. - Divine Ngalu, sales consultant.

My husband and I got engaged in Gran Canaria and last year we were lucky enough to have the chance to go to the Monaco Grand Prix. Susan Watson, Journalist

My husband is Greek, we have four lovely children and visit their yiayia (grandmother) in Greece every year. Fiona Kantzidiz, Commercial visitors services manager

My link with Europe is through my work - I'm a merchandiser for Amore, which is a German company. - Ally Parkin, merchandiser.

My love of film ties me to Europe. Le Prince, Skladanowsky and the Lumiere brothers helped initiate the world of cinema! - Amy Galloway, student.

My mum is from Galway in Ireland and we go visit. Jamie Dow, Age 7

My partner lives in Germany, I live in Dundee. We travel to visit eachother a lot, it's lovely seeing the different cultures in one continent. Bethany Clark, student

My sister lives in Spain, and I'm learning Spanish so I can immerse myself in the community more when I visit. - Abbie Dobson, graduate.

My son is a New Zealander. His heritage is Scottish, but early New Zealand settlers were European. Gordon Thomson with son Cameron, Events Manager

My son works in Hungary and I quite often visit him and go on holiday in Europe. Charles Thompson, Project Officer

My twin sister lives in Italy and my brother lives in Spain, so I have family connections in Europe. Dave Scottow, Retired

My uncle was Spanish so I grew up hearing stories about Real Madrid and holidaying on the Costa Blanca, where I now take my family. Barrie Daglish, Sub-editor

My wee nation, head of its British station. voted t remain, as appreciates its gain. Crazy to leave. So many now left to grieve. Darren Gray, Greenkeeper

My whole life experience is European. I was born in Czechia, studied in Sweden, met my Scottish husband in Slovakia and found home in Dundee. Katja Steel Kusakova

My wife and son are polish and we love going to visit family in poland. David Raynor crew manager at Dundee Airport

Once a year we tend to holiday in Europe; usually in Salou, Spain. - Sarah Barclay, Receptionist.

One of my best friends lives in the Netherlands, along with some of my family friends. Mhairi-Jane Duncan, hairdresser

One of my favourite quotes, Van Gogh's last words, is in French. 'La tristesse duerera toujours.' It means 'The sadness will last forever.' - Zoe Cassells, student.

Opportunity to travel, work, and live while still feeling the safety and security of home. Tiffany Stewart, Clinical Studies Officer in Dementia

Originally Europe was a great idea but over the years it’s become too big with too many countries, although it’s still better to remain in. Martin Treays, Shop Owner

Our European community provides an opportunity to nurture and share creative talent. Gail A Wilson, author

Our athletes have competed all over Europe. The experiences from travelling will live with our members forever. Roy O'Kane, Kanzen Karate.

Our e-bikes bring a little bit of European culture to our beautiful city. Daniel Kochaniuk Director, Electric Bikes Scotland

Our historical, cultural and economic links with Europe offer a rich exchange of people and ideas that brings vibrancy to Dundee. Julie Bell SNP councillor

Our nation and it's cities are better having adopted the cultures of our European cousins and that's why it's important to me. Nicolas Keith, Civil Servant

Over 60,000 followers from Europe check what is going on in Dundee weekly through my Dundee Culture Facebook and Twitter. Andrew Batchelor, Dundee Ambassador.

Part of a global alliance of like minded solicitor and accountancy firms with contacts throughout Europe. Colin Graham, Chairman of Thorntons Law LLP

Part of a greater whole. Security and economic stability Freedom to travel within the EU. Jenna Martin Leitch, veterinary nurse

Participating in the Joan of Arc Rugby Tournament introduced me to a different culture and Dundee’s European historical connections. Ewan Patterson, Product Manager

Peace and modern thinking. The co-existence of its countries is proof that they can take strides to being a harmonious community. Donnie Muirhead, Student

Places to find great art, great cities to visit and potential collaborators in exciting creative projects. Janice Aitken, Senior Lecturer

Recent trips to historic cultural centres like Amsterdam and Zurich have reminded me just how close we are to our European cousins. Caroline Lindsay, Features writer

Responsible for Stoneridge Aftermarket in Dundee, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Sweden and work with distribution partners throughout Europe. Managing Director

SRUC’s research centre conducts agricultural and environmental research in partnership with European universities and institutes. Davy McCracken, SRUC

School trips to Paris and Italy, taking the train to the south of Spain in the 1980s and the UEFA cup final in Gothenburg in 1987. Stewart Hosie, MP

Scotland has a long tradition of close links to Europe, reflected in our culture and language. John Connell, NHS Tayside Chairman

Scotland has long been involved in Europe and whatever the future holds will wish to maintain good relationships with our closest neighbours. Bill Duff, Councillor

Scotland is many bright threads in the amazing tapestry of Europe. A magical weave of different tastes, landscapes, languages, experiences. Valentine Scarlett.

Scotland means more to me than Europe, but being able to travel through Europe easily is very good. Audrey Young

Scotland’s connections with Europe have developed over centuries. Our Universities, workplaces and cultural projects have benefitted from these working relationships.

Sitting in a little café somewhere in Italy drinking cappuccino and people watching. Paula Coghlan, Finance Assistant

Snowboarding holidays in France and Switzerland because they are such vast areas with longer runs than you get in Scotland. Campbell Ewen, the Kilted Barber

So many happy holidays in the beautiful Cote D’Azur. Dougie Nicolson, Photographer

Some of my fondest memories are of family holidays to Europe, from the south of Spain to Paris they always make me smile. Scott Mathieson, Head of Marketing

Special family holidays, different cultures, beautiful cities and countryside, great food and drink, one memorable football trip. Graeme Brandie, Production Editor

Straight bananas, stuffed donkeys, left-hand drive, stylish attire, perfect English and alfresco dining. Ian Ross, Senior International Business Executive

Study trips, family holidays, work with European students, studied European town planning. Brian Thomson, Town Planner

Teaching, researching, promoting, living European languages and cultures in Dundee. Marion Spöring, University of Dundee.

Teenage exchanges with exotic European boys with dreamy accents who appreciated my taste in swimwear and introduced me to moules frites. Lucy Penman, columnist

Thanks to European Union research funding I was able to experience working for Dundee University. Jacqui Paton Child and Adolescent Mental Health Nurse

The Courier swaps information with newspapers across Europe and works with developers of our sotfware from Milan. Richard Neville, Editor, The Courier.

The Friends of Camperdown house are proud of the city's historical links to The Netherlands through Dundonian Admiral Adam Duncan. Captain James Crawford, Chairman.

The Ramones Museum in Berlin has got to be one of my favourite places on the planet. Jamie Buchan, Reporter.

The Rotary Club of Arbroath is twinned with the Rotary Club of Dreux, France and enjoy annual visits with friendship. George Dunlop, Rotary ClubPresident

The best thing about Europe It’s got to be the food for me. Jo Barcas, teacher

The chance to watch football in corners of Europe nowhere to be seen in holiday brochures is one of the privileges of being a sports writer. Eric Nicolson

The collaboration between European and Dundee cancer researchers, scientists and clinicians is so important in the fight against cancer. Lady Fraser, Ninewells Cancer

The cultural diversity, architecture, transport, food, museums, town squares all make for my ideal type of holiday. June Riddoch, PA, The Courier.

The freedom to share knowledge, share cultural heritage, and experience ways of life in neighbouring countries. Grace Fenwick, Clerical Assistant

The grandson of both a Dutch sailor and a Polish soldier with Dundonian grandmothers, I am a true euro mongrel. Chris van der Kuyl, chairman 4J Studios

The idea that it's easy to travel through Europe is fantastic and I'm keen to travel more. If Dundee won the bid, it would be amazing. Johann Dunn, University worker

The patchwork quilt of imperial scars can't mark this place, Europe is an incredible cradle of forward-thought and creative work. Adam Carrington, Author

The peace enjoyed by most of Europe since 1945 stands in stark contrast to much of the continent’s history, and is to be treasured. Ian Lindsay, Retired

The young people who've been involved in our cafe, our Friday drop and in other ways Dutch, German, Spanish, Greek, French and Hungarian. Gordon Sharp, Minister

There are amazing connections in the tattoo community, I have tattoos by artists from different countries and they respect one another. Amy Carmichael Customer Care

Three siblings live in Europe. Now, a fourth has just moved to Spain and a fifth has a holiday home in Portugal. Frances Higgins

Through Dundee Round Table we have made friends throughout Europe, sampling each other’s cultures and always have a place to stay. Martin Henderson, Director

Tiramisu! The Italians’ combination of coffee and cake is an efficient way to start any meeting. Karen Slupinski, Thorntons Investments

To appreciate the differences within our individual cultures and languages must surely be the best education ever. Gwen Raynor, artist and teacher

To me Europe means a sharing of ideas and cultures and experiences. Elizabeth Millar

To me Europe means being part of a much wider, diverse community. Marta Felkner, Sales Consultant

To me Europe means visiting new places, experiencing different cultures, seeing amazing architecture and trying a new language. Lana Shepherd, Practice Manager

To, me, Europe represents a shared culture and history, and the democratic freedoms so many of our forefathers fought so bravely for. Barry Fordyce, Journalist

Toured Europe with Simple Mindand after living in Spain established the SpanishDundee cultural group Intercambio. Ged Grimes, Musician

Travelling around Europe by train and staying in youth hostels – no better way to get to know the continent and our European cousins. David Scott, Sub-editor

Travelling around Europe with my wife for 6 months helped give me an appreciation of the diverse European Culture. Brett Davidge, General Manager Apex Cit

Travelling to see different parts of Europe. Looking forward myself to going to Spain shortly. Scott Miller, Service Engineer

Travelling, warm weather, culture, meeting new people, history, family memories. Andrew McMurray, Innovations Consultant


V&A Dundee is active across Europe, and we are preparing to tell the stories of Scotland’s links to Europe in our galleries. Philip Long, Director of V&A Dundee

Valuable business connections, family exchanges and personal friendships. John Picton, MD from 1974 to 1991 of Robert L Fleming Ltd, Paper Sack Manufacturers

We are better together in terms of globalisation, I’m proud to buy proud to buy products and services from Europe – we are neighbours. Wandrille, Engineering Student

We are linked to Europe through war, peace and culture spanning centuries and there's no greater fascination than exploring these ties. Ian Nimmo, retired Editor

We are supporters of European Twinning. This provides important opportunities for fostering ties of friendship and mutual understanding. Dennis Melloy, Provest Perth

We focus on the differences between people but it's the similarities that bind us to Europe. We all cry and laugh. We're the same! - Struan Bradbury, student.

We go to Spain as a family every year - in fact, we're going there on Saturday! - Iain MacLellan, lecturer.

We had a mum and daughter trip to Paris and the Eiffel Tower during February half term - culture and shopping. Wendy and Darcey Maltman

We have exported farmed deer breeding stock to almost every country in Europe winning the Queen’s Award for Export in 1990. John Fletcher, Vet and Deer Farmer

We have over 300 students and over 20 staff from the EU and many project links with colleges all over the continent. Grant Ritchie, Principal, Dundee & Angus College

We have such close ties to Europe and I feel a part of it much more than anywhere else. Richard Neish, Taste Developer

We have the opportunity to experience different cultures on our doorstep. Young people should be given the chance to drink it in! Terry MacCallum, journalist.

We have visited Dundee's Twin City of Wurzburg many times as we have a daughter, son in law and grandchildren living there. Brian and Jean MacGillivray, retired

We met in Slovakia and have chosen lovely Dundee as the place where we want to build a home together. Michaela Omelkova and Jurak Ciernik

We normally go to Spain on holiday – the sun keeps me going back. – Muriel Duncan, part-time receptionist.

We work with media across Europe and represent artists who are based in or tour in Europe or do promotion across the continent. Murray Chalmers, Dundee Ambassador

We've got a lot of shared culture with Europe, and close ties, I reckon. - David MacLellan, graduate.

We've had authors bring their stories to our festival from Portugal, Amsterdam and Prague. Peggy Hughes, Director, Literary Dundee

We've travelled to France, Germany and Bavaria. It's a great experience, especially in a motor home - you get to experience the local cultures. - John and June Vyse

Well, my gran is German and my cousin lives in Poland. And Blue Is The Warmest Colour was a sexual awakening if there ever was one! - Rayanen Somerville, student.

We’re connected by herring! The silver darlings are loved all over Europe, but we’re the only ones to dress them up at new year… Lynne Campbell

We’re expecting lots of Europeans to visit V&A Dundee . Tara Wainwright, Marketing and Audiences Manager at V&A Dundee

What better way of capitalising on the good things in our city by winning such a prestigious award. Pat Kelly, Author

When I worked as a research scientist I visited Heidelberg in Germany, Geneva in Switzerland and Grenoble, France. Jon Urch Public Engagement Co-ordinator

When it comes to time off, the only place for me is France or Italy. It’s where the world stands still. Ian Campbell, Councillor

When not managing a busy law firm, I can often be found tearing down the ski slopes in Norway or just enjoying its amazing scenery. John Macmillan Managing Partner,

Whether researching destinations, soaking up the Mediterranean lifestyle or skiing in the Alps, it’s an enthralling continent to explore. Bridget McGrouther,Travel Wr

With a Danish great aunt, I was the only one of my school mates who was able to pronounce the name of one member of the group Aqua – Søren. Kirsty Topping, Reporter.

With a busy lifestyle Europe is the perfect destination for me, as the flights are short but I still have a fabulous time. Stacey Forbes, Shop Owner

With my former employment with Emirates, we flew into different countries such as Greece, Austria, Swizerland and Belgium. Nadia Chahrour, Photographer

Within Europe we can bring people together and make ties and bond cultures. Kate Main, console operator

a place of peace and of culture - holidays to Barcelona, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Paris and Prague have given me unforgettable memories. Bob McDevitt, Photographer


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friendships that stop conflict, promote peace, enable trade; partnerships for our Scotland that have lasted over a thousand years.Jenny BlainWriter and poet

the financial services links from Dundee to Frankfurt and beyond have seen Dundee continue that tradition of looking to forge relationships with European partners. St