Our Euro connections

European Connections

Making connections between individuals and communities in Dundee and Europe is at the heart of our 2023 programme. Below is an illustration of our connections and partnerships with Europe; be they artistic, academic or industrial - individuals, companies or collaborations.

Mikolaj Zabrocki

Inke Näthke

Professor Hossein Godazgar, Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education

Oscar Pérez Romero, Scottish Dance Theatre

Anne-Charlotte Hubert, Scottish Dance Theatre

Francesco Ferrari, Scottish Dance Theatre

Alison Jacques, Scottish Dance Theatre

Astrid Sweeney, Scottish Dance Theatre

Roy O’Kane, Kanzen Karate

Marta Siemiątkowska

Peter Lesan

Laura Aalto

Josyane Franc

Marie del Blanco

Anu Mänttäri

Marco Chiari

Eberhard Schrempf

Ting Xu

Nils Den Hertog

Michaela Omelkova & Juraj Ciernik

Joan Clevillé

Dicky Trisco

Jeannette Ginslov

DJCAD – Making Sense

Philip Long – V&A Dundee

Nerea Fernandezcano