DJCAD – Making Sense

Making Sense is a European-wide project that uses accessible digital technology and collaborative activities to address environmental challenges, such as, air and noise pollution and radiation.

It aims at giving citizens the tools and processes needed to collect information on their environments and to instigate change as a result of their new understanding. The project is developing a Making Sense framework and toolkit based on the SmartCitizen platform and testing it in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Pristina. The framework and toolkit will be a public resource for other projects wishing to support action and change in community-led environmental sensing initiatives.

The project is being tested in cities with collaborators from the FabLab at IAAC, Barcelona, Spain; WAAG Society, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; PEN, Prishtina, Kosovo. The research in design, participatory sensing, social innovation and change is led by Mel Woods with Dr Saskia Coulson, Prof. Ioan Fazey, Dr Drew Hemment, and Dr Michelle Scott, with Joint Research Centre (JRC) of European Commission, Brussels.

Citizens test their co-created Noise Box, an object which uses live readings from the SmartCitizen sensor to capture noise level recordings and illustrate the level of noise through a LED light strip on the ground. Photo by Gui Siez for Making Sense.

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