Nils Den Hertog

I’ve lived in Dundee for about 18 years and it’s changed so much in that time and changed for the better. A lot of the buildings you see have arisen during my time living here. The city is really taking off.

I worked in Dundee Repertory Theatre as a Stage Manager, Technical Manager and Head of Production. It’s been such a source of pride for me to work there.

I came from Holland and the Scottish and Dutch cultures are not so different; we’re all quite straight talking people. Each culture has its unique qualities. Culture is something that also needs to be exchanged, it’s much better than staying in your own bubble. Setting aside any monetary or commercial value of a city becoming a focal point of culture it would also enrich us as human beings.

The natural beauty around the city is a big draw too. I actually now keep a camera in the car for the Dundee sunsets. They are just phenomenal. I’ve had to pull over so many times to stop and look at one, especially down by the River Tay upon whose banks the city is built.

Oh, if we become European Capital of Culture can we get European late closing times for the cafes and bars?

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