Nerea Fernandezcano

I am Basque and the Scottish accent, landscape and spirit reminds me of home.

The people here are so friendly. I remember I was really struggling to find accommodation in the first year of being here and one person opened their door to me and gave me a place to live for a month to help me out.

Originally I came to Dundee just for a six month period as a nineteen-year-old to au pair for a family but the people here in Dundee persuaded me to stay and attend college and make a go of things.

It’s hard when you’re alone in a new country and don’t know the language so well. I persevered though and I’ve been here for four years now, am settled, have mastered the language and now even manage a children’s nursery.

Being involved in the education of children is my passion, my work colleagues are like my family and I feel very confident and empowered when I’m at work. Before I moved to Dundee I was a very insecure person. Since moving here I have been on a journey to become an independent woman.

The Dundee people are polite and helpful and this is a very open society. I consider myself to be a happy person.

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