Michaela Omelkova & Juraj Ciernik

We met in Slovakia when we were teenagers and have chosen lovely Dundee as the place where we want to build a home together and get a start in life.

Whether it is a cultural experience, love of nature, cinema, rock-climbing, theatre we’ve found Dundee great for the kind of things we love.

There was an old stereotype of Scottish people being miserly. We found the opposite to be true, there’s such a positive attitude in the people here. We’ve found Dundee people to be generous, helpful, friendly and inspiring.

When you go for a run in the morning or go to the corner shop people smile at you and say hello, the same is not true of all places in the world. These small moments really enrich life.

We have travelled to different cities around the world and had the chance to move to some really exciting cities but Dundee won us over. We’ve never seen a city grow and embrace change as much as Dundee. The opportunities here are great.

This is a city where there are no closed doors.

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