Dicky Trisco

(DJ/Producer/Record Label Owner)

Back in the mists of the 1980s as a teenager on holiday in Spain I met a drummer from a band in London. He was a fascinating character and he played me a cassette by a German band called Kraftwerk. It was the first time I heard them. It blew my mind I didn’t even know how people could make electronic music like that.

In 2016 I went with a producer friend to Bilbao in Spain to see Kraftwerk play live in the Guggenheim. Again it blew my mind. There were people there from all over Europe in the crowd I experienced first hand how Bilbao had been transformed since I first visited it in the early 1990s.

If it hadn’t been for that European vacation I really don’t think I would have become a DJ, a producer or ever run record labels. Now I am lucky enough to regularly tour the world playing music, meeting people and visiting amazing new places.

That chance encounter many years ago on a Spanish beach with an English guy who played me German music has in many ways defined my life.

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